Club nights are held every Friday night during the season at Branxton pool. We begin each night with Junior Dolphins at 5:45pm, with races starting at 6pm, so please arrive early to ensure we can start on time. Swimmers will normally race in two or three events on the night. Events include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, individual medley and relays. There will also be fun novelty events and activities for our Junior Dolphins who might not be ready to compete in events.

Registering for club nights

Swimmers need to register for each club night prior to the event. Registration is quick and easy and is done through the members section of this website. Simply go to the swim registration page and select the event to register your swimmers. You need to be a member and logged in to your member account to access the swim registration page.


Swimmers will be graded for each stroke at the beginning of the season. There are five grades, A through to E, which you move through as your personal best time improves. Throughout the season, you will race against other swimmers in the same grade, and your times are recorded. The emphasis is on having fun and trying to improve your own times, rather than winning races.

After each club night swim times will be available for members to view online on the Swim times page. Swimmers are encouraged to keep track of their times for each stroke - the following documents can be printed to help swimmers keep a record of their times.

Point Score System

Points are awarded each week for improvement on personal time, not on who wins the race. Essentially, everyone is only competing against themselves, and aiming to improve their times. These points accumulate throughout the season, and are tallied at the end of the season. Those with the highest score are awarded a trophy for the Point Score Champion at the presentation. Points are awarded for the following:

Club nights

  • 1 point - Race entry in any stroke (maximum 3)
  • 3 points - Beat your personal best by less than 2 seconds
  • 5 points - Beat your personal best by greater than 2 seconds
  • 10 points - Swim faster than a club record

Intertown meets

  • 1 point - Attendance at the Branxton Intertown meet
  • 2 points - Attendance at any Away Intertown meet

Official swim meets

  • 3 points - Race entry at an official swim meet held on a Saturday where you are representing BGASC


Each Club night we require volunteers for timekeeping, marshalling and BBQ. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. If you would like to volunteer, please sign in on the Volunteer Register located in front of the clubhouse or let a committee member know and they will be happy to advise on ways you can help. Please note that all families are required to provide a volunteer for our annually hosted Intertown meet.