To help with planning for the 2022/23 swim season commencing early October, please complete the following form for swimmers that intend to swim with Branxton Greta Swim Club.

For each swimmer, please indicate their age (on 1st October 2022), whether they intend to participate in club night and/or training.

Swimwear orders are currently being organised, and to help ensure we order sufficient numbers, please indicate if you intend to order swimwear. Please use the sizing charts below to indicate sizing. Swimwear pricing still needs to be confirmed, and if possible will be subsidised by a grant (price guide $35 - $65 depending on grant availability).

Additional merchandise is also available. Current prices are for the 2021-2022 season and are subject to change.

Please note expressions of interest do not confirm club registrations or swimwear orders, and more information will be released soon.

Thanks for your interest. This form is no longer available as registrations are now open through Swim Central.

Swimwear sizing

Female sizing

Female swimwear sizing

Male sizing

Male swimwear sizing