Branxton Greta Swim Club have recently received a number of donations and grants to help fund improvements.

New Dive Blocks for Branxton Greta Swim Club

The Branxton Greta Swim Club gratefully received this $12,500 grant to go towards the purchase and installation of Interquad Retro 650 True Tread and Track Start tops on our six lane starter blocks. This was important for our members to become familiar with this type of track start top as they encounter it when attending competitions at other pools. The equipment was installed at Branxton Pool on 2nd November 2021. The grant was part of the federal government's Stronger Communities Programme.

Uniform subsidy

The Branxton Greta Swim Club are very pleased to accept a $2,000 donation from the Cessnock Leagues Club Board this season. The funds will be used to subsidise competition swim uniforms for our members. We thank the Club Grants and the Cessnock Leagues Club for supporting our sporting community.

Upgraded fridge and sound equipment

The Greta Workers Club is a long-standing supporter of the Branxton Greta Redbacks. This year the Greta Workers has supported the club with funding for:

  • A replacement fridge so our Friday BBQs can happen each week
  • Upgrade to sound equipment with additional clubhouse microphones and speakers
  • Contribution to the 2021 Uniform Subsidy

The Redbacks are very appreciative of Greta Workers for their support!