Members area

At the beginning of the season new members will be emailed their login details to access the member's area of the website. Members from previous seasons can continue to use their existing login details. If you are having trouble logging in to the website please try the following:

  1. If you're a new member and haven't received your login email, check your spam folder as it may have ended up there.
  2. New or existing members can reset your password using the email address you used to register on Swim Central.
  3. If you still can't login contact us so we can help.

To login to the website select the Members link in the top right corner. This will open the login form for you to enter your email address and password. You can select "Remember Me" to remain logged in on the current device otherwise you will periodically need to log back in. Each season, when you first login to the site you will be asked to agree to the club's Code of Conduct - once you agree you will have full access to the member's area.

You can change your password on the My profile page if you are currently logged in, or if you have forgotten your password you can get a verification code sent to your email address which will enable you to reset your password.

Swim registration

For each club night and intertown meet you will need to register your swimmers. Simply go to the Swim registration page and all of the upcoming events will be listed with links to register each of your swimmers. For club nights, registration closes at 8pm on the Wednesday before club night, but please try and register early. If you need to modify your registration (due to illness, or otherwise) you can update your registration on the Swim registration page up until the time that registration closes. For each swimmer you will see their name, gender and date of birth - please contact us if any of this information is incorrect.

Race program

For each club night the race program will be available online for members to view. Please take note of the race numbers of your swimmer's and keep an eye on the claim board to see when they are required to go to marshalling for their race.

Swim times

After each club night swim times will be available for members to view online on the Swim times page.

Push notifications

The club uses web push notifications to communicate information and updates to the website. If your device supports web push notifications you can subscribe by activating the link in the footer of this website. You need to do this separately for each of your devices that you would like to receive push notifications on (eg phone, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc.) Currently iOS devices (including Apple iphones and ipads) do not support web push notifications.