Junior Dolphins is the Branxton-Greta Redback’s program specially developed for our members aged 5-8 years old. It is fun, safe and non-competitive. We aim to make sure that kids have fun with their friends, continue to develop water awareness and safety techniques, progressively develop swimming skills and have opportunity to participate in swimming events in a non-competitive environment. There will be games!

For the 2023/24 season Junior Dolphins will not be running.

What happens?

Each week there will be an explanation of the junior swimming skills that participants can practice then a game will be played. There may be races held but no times will be recorded and efforts will be made to focus on everyone having fun rather than who is the winner.

Junior dolphin events are usually at the start of club night, from 6.00pm-6.15pm right before the first race events. Be prepared to go straight from the junior dolphin events into marshalling for the first club night race each week (which always start with 5 year olds).

All elements of the Junior Dolphin program are optional. If a participant is feeling unsure they are welcome to watch for a while before joining in the following week. We will modify activities to ensure inclusion of all swimmers so please let our committee know if this is required for you.

Whilst it is encouraged, there is no pressure for junior dolphins to swim in the club races until they feel ready.

Where is it?

We may utilise the junior pool, the shallow end of the 33m pool, the diving blocks of the 33m pool and concrete/grass areas around the pool. Please be at the pool on time at 6pm and be ready to swim. Listen for announcements over the PA system or “marshal” (i.e. meet) with the junior dolphin coordinator at the junior pool.

What if I have questions, ideas, compliments or concerns?

Our club is very friendly and new members are welcomed and supported by existing members. Please feel free to ask questions or discuss concerns with a club committee member (identified by club shirts). Our website is also a great resource that can assist with answering most of your questions.

Keen to join in?

There are many volunteering opportunities at our events including marshalling, timekeeping, supporting participants, and BBQing to name a few. Please join in however you can as it is an expectation of the club that all parents volunteer a minimum of times throughout the season. We are happy to show new people how to help.

What kind of skills will the Junior Dolphin Program include?

  • Swim with a pool noodle for 15m
  • Swim with kickboard for 15m
  • Swim with kickboard for 15m with head down and blowing bubbles
  • Freestyle kickboard for 15m with head down, blowing bubbles, breathing to side
  • Freestyle swim for 15m (no kickboard)
  • Push and glide on back for 5m with hands down sides and looking up
  • Backstroke for 15m
  • Push off and frog kick for 5m
  • Basic breaststroke for 15m
  • Underwater dolphin kick arms in front 15m
  • Underwater dolphin kick flippers on
  • Single arm butterfly for 15m
  • Butterfly stroke 15m
  • Treading water (egg-beater leg action)
  • Dive into the water (deep end only)
  • Dive over a pool noodle (deep end only)
  • Float on back for 2 mins
  • Clothed swim (for children who are ready)
  • Tumble turns (for children who are ready)

What kind of games will the Junior Dolphin Program include?

Games with no equipment

  • Aqua jogging
  • Walking /slow swim marco polo
  • Modified stuck in the mud (e.g. somersault)
  • Rats and Rabbits
  • River-bank-bridge (land or water)
  • Hand stands
  • What’s the time Mr Wolf
  • Swim / land circuit (swim 15m, grass run, star jumps, push ups)
  • JD vs Non-JD relay (JDs get flippers)
  • Hungry whale (swimmers try to cross pool, whale floating in middle shouts “hungry whale” and tips a swimmer = new whale)
  • Big friendly giant (for children who are ready - front swimmer arms only, back swimmer feet only holding front’s legs)
  • Silliest strokes
  • Synchronised swimming competition

Games requiring balls

  • Whirlpool with floating soft balls
  • Dolphy in middle
  • Human tunnel ball
  • Modified water polo
  • Basketball into floating hoop
  • Ball roll-over

Games requiring other equipment

  • Ninja course
  • Underwater treasure hunt (junior pool only)
  • Various relays – kickboard, boogie board, tyre, noodle, headbutt a ball (called prince/ess and pea), clothing
  • Rafting (noodles, boards, bottles, ropes)
  • Octopus chain tag with noodles (no hitting or tipping on heads)
  • Under and over obstacle (hoops / noodles)
  • ‘Kick of war’ with flat boogie board

What encouragements will be involved?

  • Decorations, music, photography
  • Colouring in competition with stroke explanation activity sheets
  • Dress up night – dolphin, fish, octopus, etc
  • Celebration of participation and success without competition = stickers for skills
  • Club stroke observers providing friendly tips for all (not just those needing it)
  • Skills assessment at mid-point and end of swim season
  • Mini olympics with chocolate medals and podium finishes
  • Possible guest appearances and talks
  • All participants will receive participation certificate at end of season

What should we bring?

Participants should bring – swimming caps, goggles, flippers, kickboard. Please come in your swimmers and be ready to go at 6pm! We look forward to seeing our Junior Dolphins in the water each week!